The future of textile printing.

The demands on the colourfulness of textile prints are constantly increasing.
The latest technologies take this into account and introduce new
printing methods that ensure the best possible result.

And that is exactly what hybrid printing is -
- the future of multi-colour high-volume printing.
Great for orders of 100+ pcs.

Unleash your imagination!

  • Unlimited colours in the design (no need to use multiple screens for multicoloured designs).

  • Better details and resolution than screen printing or digital printing.

  • An exact Pantone shade can be added using screen printing.

  • Possibility to print on various materials thanks to the screen printing base layer (in contrast to the limitations of digital printing, it is possible to print not only on cotton but also on polyester and other blended fabrics) - a mix of materials within one order is also possible.

  • Possibility to combine full colour printing with other screen printing special effects (eg. metallic colours, puff, etc.).

  • Possibility to combine different designs for one base layer (the base must be common for all designs - the same outline).

  • Ecological printing with water-based inks.

The best of screen printing and digital printing!

Hybrid printing detail
Hybrid printing detail

  • Higher saturation and colour durability
    The screen-printed white foundation layer allows the multi-colour design to stand out better (colours look more vivid) and ensures higher durability of hybrid printing.

  • No trace of pretreatment
    Residual pretreatment coating film is common in digital printing. Thanks to the use of screen printed foundation layer, this does not occur in hybrid printing.

  • Faster delivery
    Hybrid printing allows printing large volumes in a fraction of time compared to digital printing.

  • Printing standard
    The same printing standard for repeat orders.

  • Print size
    Men's T-shirt – up to 39 cm width x 48 cm height
    Women's T-shirt – up to 33 cm width x 40 cm height
    Kids' T-shirt – up to 21 cm width x 26 cm height

  • Print size
    Hoodie, front print – up to 38 cm width x 25 cm height
    Hoodie, back print – up to 39 cm width x 48 cm height
    Tote/Gym bag – up to 28 cm width x 30 cm height

At MERCHYOU, we always stay up to date!

Therefore, as one of the first textile printers in Europe, we introduce the possibility of hybrid printing. Join us and create the future with us!